1. Power Systems

  • Transmission & Distribution Systems Operation and Control

2. Smart Grids

  • Control of Smart Grids (Smart Meters, Smart Buildings, Demand Side Response – ADR, Smart Thermal Grids, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks),
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Systems RES (photovoltaic and wind plants, District Heating Systems),

3. Power Electronics

  • Power Electronics (Power Inverters, FACTS, UPFC, DPFC, HVDC),
  • Advanced Primary Techniques (Phase Shift Transformers – PST),
  • HVDC corridors and their impact on load flow in neighboring power systems (Example: German HVDC corridors and their impact on the Czech TSO – CEPS),

4. Energy Market and Trading

  • Regulators, Trading and Contracted Ancillary Services (Power and Heating Plants, RES, Municipal and Regional District Heating Systems, Demand Response of Thermal Loads),

5. WAMS and WAMPaC Systems, PMU

  • Phasor Measurement Units – PMU, Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control (WAMPaC)
  • Nonlinear Power Systems, Stability of Power Grid, early detection of disturbances and collapses, monitoring and control of „deterministic“ chaos in electricity, Grid Dynamics Analyzing System (GDASys)

6. Simulators

  • Dispatch Training Simulators (DTS) for Transmission & Distribution Systems Operators
  • Real Time Digital Simulators (RTDS) of T & D Power Systems
  • Engineering & Training Simulators of Power and Heating Plants