Workshop organizers want as much as possible to improve organizational progress and professional level of this workshop. Therefore ask all potential participants and specialists interested in this area, to answer the following questions and specify their comments and suggestions for modification of organizational progress of this workshop. The organizers also calls to express to the professional focus of workshop – Topics.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.

Your Name and Family Name


Question 1: Do you think that any other course of the workshop mean more benefits for participants and energy industry as a whole? What changes do you suggest?

Question 2: Consider granting Edith Clarke Woman Paper Prize for useful thing, or is it just pleasing the current trend?

Question 3: Some workshop topics are appropriate, redundant or poorly specified?

Question 4: What is your opinion on Smart Grids and application of these methods to Transmission and Distribution Systems?

Question 5: Do you see the future of energy in large power plants (coal and nuclear) in large, highly integrated electricity network, or rather decentralized energy based on renewable sources?

Question 6: Write your opinion on any problems linked to the focus of the workshop?

Question 7: What is your opinion related to a higher/enhanced/ women involvement into the energy sector especially into the Transmission and distribution networks? Which working positions might be relevant to the women participation?

Should you have anything to tell us we did not ask on, please feel free to write it down.